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June 10, 2013
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Hoshino-Gakuen app by Kattkins Hoshino-Gakuen app by Kattkins
Application for :iconhoshino-gakuen:! My OC is the younger sister of ~miilkii's OC~ :3 Also, Miilkii, if you need me to change anything, just tell me! ^^

I got in! Yay! Good luck to ~miilkii and Eun Ji, and anyone else joining as well!

Name: Tanaka, Yu Jin 田中 ユジン (타나카 유진)
Age: 16 [first-year]
Gender: female
Blood type: AB
Height: 5"4'
Birthday: 12th June
Speciality: Guitar
Sub-speciality: singing
Voice: singing

Personality: Shy | Cheerful | Daydreamer | Follows others | Stubborn
Preferred activities: Playing guitar, ice skating, daydreaming, reading, eating different foods, listening to kpop, watching k-dramas.
Likes: Hoddeok, Dango dumplings, fast-paced songs, kpop, kdramas, anime, Harajuku
Dislikes: Assignments, squid, getting told off, being hit on the head by her older sister when she's not paying enough attention

Backstory: Yu-jin was born to a Japanese father and Korean mother in Yokohama and has an older sister (Eun Ji) and a much older brother. Eun ji was a confident girl with a real sense of determination, while Yu Jin was much quieter and loved to daydream. As such, she often got in trouble because of her carelessness, and became a very shy girl. However, Eun Ji was often there to cheer her up, and Yu Jin became really attached to her older sister. When Eun Ji showed a passion in rapping, Yu Jin wanted to do something to help her sister too. So, after pleading with her parents, she began guitar lessons and started to accompany and sing with Eun Ji. She loved this sense of usefulness that came with playing the guitar, and it helped Yu Jin to express herself more and come out of her shell, even if when she didn't play she was still a shy girl. As the Tanaka girls grew up, Eun Ji transferred to Hoshino Gakuen, while Yu Jin was going to stay in her original school. Unhappy with not seeing Eun Ji at school every day, Yu Jin begged their parents to let her go too.

Extra info:
:bulletblue: Yu-Jin really looks up to Eun Ji as her role model, but can get annoying when she continually wants to stick with her.
:bulletblue: while she can speak both Japanese and Korean, Yu-jin prefers to speak Korean, She is really shy when she speaks in Japanese, since she often gets the Japanese words mixed up with the Korean ones.
:bulletblue: The Tanaka family did a lot of travelling between Korea and Japan, so Yu Jin has had chances to adapt to both Korean and Japanese culture.
:bulletblue: Someday she wishes to play on stage for her favourite idols, but she is at a point in time where she is a bit unsure as to if she has enough talent to ever do so.

Hope that's ok!
Art by me
Yu-jin belongs to me.
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Ahh what a cutie OuO
Alright! first off, do you mind getting rid of the white border and making it transparent? we'd like for it to match the other applications in the gallery.
Also, do you mind adding a little bit more about her sister? It would give us more of a feel about how she looks up to her and why she would follow her to Hoshino.
Thanks so much! After you fix these, feel free to send in a join request.
Kattkins Jun 11, 2013  Student General Artist
ok! Sure thing. I'll try and sort that out. ^^
Yeah, I will try and do so- I can arrange that with ~miilkii, since she's creating her sister's application. We will do our best to make our apps work together!
Thank you for looking over the app!
miilkii Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw she's so sweet e u e Eun Ji will have a good time hitting waking her up from her daydreams :iconmingplz:
Kattkins Jun 11, 2013  Student General Artist
pfft. XD I think the whole school will eventually take it in turns to wake her up. She'll daydream anywhere.
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